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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Advertising & Promotion Commission Board or Commission 7 
Animal Control Department6119 E. Highland Drive  
Auditorium Commission Board or Commission 6 
Board of Adjustments and Appeals Board or Commission 7 
Board of Zoning Adjustments Board of Zoning AdjustmentsMunicipal Center5 
Building Facilites Committee Board or Commission   
Building Maintenance Department   
Capital Improvement Committee Board or Commission   
CDBG Citizen Advisory Committee Board or Commission 10 
Cemeteries Department3009 Dan Avenue  
City Attorney's Office City Attorney's OfficeJustice Complex, 410 West Washington1 
City Clerk City Clerk's OfficeCity Hall1 
City Council Primary Legislative BodyMunicipal Center12 
City of Jonesboro, Arkansas Residential Housing & Health Care Facilities Board Board or Commission 6 
City Water and Light Board Board or Commission 7 
Civil Service Commission Board or Commission 5 
Code Enforcement DepartmentCity Hall  
Community Development Department300 S. Church Street  
Community Transportation Advisory Board Board or Commission 6 
Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library Board Board or Commission 7 
Craighead County Solid Waste Disposal Authority Board or Commission 7 
E911 DepartmentJustice Complex, 410 West Washington  
Engineering Department300 S. Church  
Finance DepartmentMunicipal Center, 300 S. Church  
Finance & Administration Council Committee Council CommitteeMunicipal Center6 
Fire Department Department3215 E. Johnson  
Housing Study Advisory Committee Board or Commission   
Human Resources DepartmentMunicipal Center, 300 S. Church  
Information Systems DepartmentMunicipal Center, 300 S. Church  
Inspections DepartmentMunicipal Center, 300 S. Church  
JETS Department110 S. Gee Street  
Jonesboro Parking Authority Board or Commission 5 
Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Planning and Advisory Committee Board or Commission 12 
Jonesboro Urban Forestry Council Board or Commission 6 
Jonesboro Urban Renewal and Housing Authority Board or Commission 4 
Land Bank Commission Board or Commission 9 
Land Use Advisory Committee Board or Commission 11 
Master Street Plan Committee Board or Commission   
Mayor's Office Mayor's Office 1 
Metropolitan Area Planning Commission MAPCMunicipal Center9 
MPO DepartmentMunicipal Center, 300 S. Church  
Municipal Airport Commission Board or Commission 7 
Nominating and Rules Committee Council CommitteeMunicipal Center6 
Northeast Arkansas Industrial Development Commission Board or Commission 4 
Parks & Recreation Department3009 Dan Avenue  
Planning DepartmentMunicipal Center, 300 S. Church  
Police Department Department   
Public Safety Council Committee Council CommitteeMunicipal Center5 
Public Services Council Committee Council CommitteeMunicipal Center5 
Public Works Council Committee Council CommitteeMunicipal Center7 
Revenue Enhancement Committee Board or Commission   
Sanitation Department   
Stormwater Management Board Stormwater Management Board 10 
Streets Department2601 Dan Avenue  
Transportation Management Board Board or Commission